Cloud Native Infrastructure

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Who We Are

We provide a turnkey, integrated infrastructure solution, empowering organizations to build, operate and run services in cloud-native environments, including public, private, and hybrid clouds. 

We are the first to provide robust, out-of-the-box automation of infrastructure provisioning and cloud resource life cycle management spanning bare metal resources to Kubernetes clusters. This solution not only streamlines infrastructure provisioning and operation, but also provides a foundational cloud operations software stack for any services (eg., IaaS, PaaS or SaaS) over immutable infrastructure.


Our Solution

Platina’s turnkey solution includes hardware and management software that together serves as the brain and central nervous system of a cluster.

Our solution eliminates complexity that arises from deploying and managing clusters. It converts unconfigured heterogeneous compute, storage and networking devices into uniformly managed, workload-ready, multi-tenant cluster resources. 

Clusters are economically deployed, autonomously managed, and quickly rolled out to geographically disparate locations, ready for immediate deployment of applications or services.

Platina Architecture

Turnkey Service Ready Cloud Solution

Automation from Bare Metal to Micro-services

Kubernetes without the excess baggage

Turnkey, Service Ready Cloud Infrastructure

The Platina solution integrates many disparate pieces: network, compute, storage, and virtualization at the infrastructure layer, so organizations can rapidly deploy and centrally manage infrastructure of their choice while minimizing planning, training, truck rolls and other operational efforts.

Platina’s cloud management stack includes key components for critical cloud operations which creates a robust foundation ready for applications and cloud services.


The Industry’s First Bare Metal Cloud Solution

Managing a single server in isolation may not be considered a challenge; managing a fleet of bare metal servers as an on-demand, self-healing, auto-scaling and multi-tenant cloud resource is a complex task.

Platina provides the first “out-of-the-box” solution for Bare Metal Clouds.

Streamlined and Efficient Kubernetes Platform

We help organizations deploy Kubernetes easily and efficiently avoiding unnecessary cost and complexity. 

Our Bare Metal Cloud solution includes capabilities necessary to support  Kubernetes managed clusters, obviating the need to run on top of a Virtual Machine abstraction. Platina is the first to provide full integration and automation from the physical infrastructure level up all the way to Kubernetes platform, offering a consistent, repeatable and highly robust experience.

We offer a solution based on upstream Kubernetes for compatibility, security and fast feature rollout. An optional CEPH integration adds support for stateful applications within Kubernetes clusters. 

Building Kubernetes directly over light-weight and efficient bare metal cloud eliminates the costly, heavy and complex overhead of hypervisors and VM management systems. As a result, organizations can achieve higher container density, resource efficiency and performance for their cloud-native applications. 

Turnkey infrastructure solution
Single management console for both Infra and Apps
Policy driven, intent based service provisioning
Robust infrastructure & smart app deployment
Compute and storage of your choice
Open source software support
Multi-tenant, self-service portal
Streamlined k8s environment


Let us help you build your cloud!