State of the Edge

This report shows how the rise of the edge shapes data and how data shapes the edge—and that enterprises can now begin to extract previously untapped value from data in the new ecosystem.

Among the findings:
• Data generated by the year 2025 will be an astounding 175 zettabytes, a tenfold increase from 2016 levels. The need to manage this staggering volume of data is going to be a key driver of distributed architecture.

• The center of data’s gravity is shifting to the edge of the network. More and more data will need action at or near the edge and away from the core.

• The creation and consumption of massive amounts of data will be catalyzed by four enabling technologies: Internet of Things devices, 5G, AI, and edge data centers.

• Four key factors drive demand for edge computing: latency; high data volume accompanied by insufficient bandwidth; cost; data sovereignty and compliance.

• The unique mix of technology and economics will make it practical to assemble, store, and process more data at the edge.

• As massive amounts of data are created outside the traditional data center, the cloud will extend to the edge. It won’t be cloud versus edge; it will be cloud with edge.

• Activating data at the edge makes it possible to ask better questions and get more timely answers.

• New edge computing architectures must accommodate the following: harsh conditions; remote locations; quality of service/low latency; no-touch/self-healing technologies; dynamic provisioning; global data experience; and security.

• While centralized cloud computing will persist, a radically new way in which we create and act upon data at the edge of the network is creating new markets and unlocking new value.

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