Digital transformation is the need for organizations, industries and ecosystems to integrate modern technologies, processes, and competencies to create stakeholder value, accelerate innovation, and adapt to changing circumstances. Cloud technologies have emerged as part of the digital transformation megatrend that’s reshaping entire industries. While many organizations have invested in moving their resources into the cloud, they’re finding that it isn’t a panacea. With the gloss wearing from the shiny promise of the public cloud, organizations are increasingly migrating applications and data from public cloud providers (CSP) to private or on-prem clouds.  

According to IDC’s 2018 Cloud and AI Adoption Survey of IT decision-makers, 80 percent said they had migrated either applications or data from a public cloud to an on-prem or private cloud in the last year. IT leaders concerns include the lack of control over public clouds, unforeseen costs, performance and more, driving their decision to bring resources back in house. Read more in this whitepaper and learn how Platina Systems can help you build your private or edge cloud.

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