UNLOCK the value of data by reimagining active archive solutions

Seagate and Platina

Archives have historically been tape-based solutions because of their size (10s of PB) and cost, but the recent trend is to store archival data sets on HDD-based platforms, particularly in the public cloud. The continued growth of such archives brings several distinct challenges for customers.

Tape-based archives are fragile and need periodic technology updates, which take several years and only provide static, or offline, storage. Archives residing in public clouds can lead to punitive data egress charges that can be 10× the data storage costs. And on-premise OEM storage solutions have untenable costs at multi-petabyte scale.

Using Seagate’s high-capacity storage enclosures and Platina’s composable infrastructure platform for Bare Metal, Kubernetes and Ceph object storage, enterprises can quickly unlock the value in their data archives by migrating to a Distributed Active Data Archive.

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