Automation and Insights from Full Stack Streaming Telemetry

The Platina PS-3000 provides an abstraction to represent the cluster. A single Platina node can be viewed as a single representation of a datacenter, all of which is consistently managed as server-native resources.

Platina PS-3000

The Platina PS-3001-32C performs all the necessary functions to operationalize unconfigured compute, storage and networking resources as useful, workload-ready clusters. This helps dramatically simplify operations so clusters can be rapidly rolled out with the lowest first-in cost, CapEx and OpEx. The clusters can be flexibly viewed and managed as multi-tenant workload environments ranging from bare metal to container-based microservices.

The Platina PS-3001-32C platform performs network functions for a cluster using powerful merchant switching silicon. This helps to avoid the management burden of traditional Top-of-Rack switches - devices that are managed differently and separately from the servers and storage within the cluster - traditionally used in legacy deployment.

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Cloud Infrastructure Automation

Fully managed solution for rapid infrastructure deployment and service enablement
Cluster control functions to automate orchestration from
bare metal server to containers
Full L3 connectivity within and across clusters

Cross-cluster management and analytics for real-time streaming

Actionable Insights from Full Stack Streaming Telemetry

Modern, scalable, and
Elastic management

Enhanced visibility into compute, storage, and network resource pools
Live monitoring with real-time streaming
of resource state

Forensic troubleshooting with historical data

Self-healing through automation powered by machine learning

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