Modernize Your Legacy Applications with Full-stack Disaggregation

Platina makes high-performing, low-cost infrastructure possible using premium content logic, SD storage as a service, and automated policy management.

Lowest Marginal Cost Structure

By decoupling content delivery from storage across multiple elements, physical infrastructure costs are reduced by using lower cost delivery servers and HDD-based storage - leading to savings of 60% or more. 

Simpler, Automated Operations

By eliminating redundant storage within each cluster and extending software-defined storage across sites, storage can be collapsed into a single flat tier. For CDNs, this means that all content management operations (add, modify, and purge) need only be performed once.

Reduce Internal Bandwidth Utilization

Platina flattens the existing tiered structure eliminating significant costs for building and maintaining costly, excess infrastructure. The single tier also reduces costly CDN related bandwidth charges for cache warming, cache misses and content updates.

Easily Differentiate Services

Decoupling storage from delivery eliminates resource contention while simultaneously associating different policies and customers to specific resources. CDNs can simultaneously serve as Edge Computing sites for new, performance-sensitive applications.

Investment Protection and Seamless Integration

Traditional CDN architectures migrate very easily to Platina’s modern architecture. Content routing logic continues to operate during a migration and preserves infrastructure investments and setup, while expansion enjoys the benefit of a lower cost, more efficient and more easily managed CDN.

Build. Innovate. Scale.

Active Archive

Platina’s cost-effective infrastructure orchestration and management solutions help organizations quickly access, retrieve, and unify active archive data from across multiple storage technologies for easier application management.

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Software Delivery

Many customers still demand on-prem deployment of business-critical software. For software publishers, Platina becomes your deployment, operations, and maintenance partner so you can focus on platform innovation.

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What is Your Infrastructure Challenge?

You’re ready to build, migrate, or execute on a strategic project that has taken months to creatively develop. Continue focusing on development - Platina will take care of the rest. We minimize the operational efforts and cost of managing clusters for you on modern infrastructure within your own private cloud environment.

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