Better Manage, Use and Monetize Your Large Pools of Stored Data

Platina’s cost-effective infrastructure orchestration and management solutions help organizations quickly access, retrieve, and unify active archive data from across multiple storage technologies for easier application management. 

Millisecond Archive Access and Retrieval

Big data analytics and real-time queries require high-speed search and access of objects. As serial access devices, tape systems simply cannot meet these requirements. Platina creatively applies random access technologies to provide the necessary performance while being economically superior for archives.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Public cloud solutions are a landmine of high recurring charges including perpetual storage rental, software support charges, and unpredictable egress charges. Platina solutions are cost-optimized for multi-petabyte archives, managing archive infrastructure at a small fraction compared to alternatives on the market.

Easy Maintenance

Tape-based systems require upgrades, must periodically test data integrity, and have proprietary metadata complicates outside system integration, resulting in migrations that are costly and time-consuming. 

Platina incorporates distributed redundancy, error correction, and more to automate operations to deliver a robust storage platform that can be used across multiple storage technologies and applications that can be easily maintained.


The amount of data that organizations archive continues to accelerate. The size, cost and effort to maintain these archives must scale. Tape libraries become unwieldy as they reach multi-petabyte scale. Platina’s economics can unify a multitude of storage applications, utilizing PCC to manage both offline and online storage.

Seamless Integration with Distribution

As active archives are often tightly coupled to fast, efficient delivery of data, Platina’s active archive solution fits seamlessly with modern application and content acceleration offering industry-leading price and performance.

Build. Innovate. Scale.

Software Delivery

Many customers still demand on-prem deployment of business-critical software. For software publishers, Platina becomes your deployment, operations, and maintenance partner so you can focus on platform innovation.

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Application & Content Acceleration

No longer replicate large amounts of expensive storage across multiple services. Content can be distributed using SD Storage, with Platina managing storage policies. Each block of your application scales independently and horizontally, resulting in an efficient pairing of resources.

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What is Your Infrastructure Challenge?

You’re ready to build, migrate, or execute on a strategic project that has taken months to creatively develop. Continue focusing on development - Platina will take care of the rest. We minimize the operational efforts and cost of managing clusters for you on modern infrastructure within your own private cloud environment.

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