Make On-premise Customer Deployment Simple

Your customer’s environment is unique and complicated but they require on-prem deployment of your platform. Platina simplifies deployment, management, and maintenance from a single target environment.  

Ease Development Burden

Platina enables publishers to focus on the application not the complexities of deployment. Deploying and testing on-prem software on customer environments requires a significant amount of time and dollars. Platina reduces cost and increases efficiency by automating infrastructure discovery, provisioning and enforcement policy for you.

Increase Infrastructure Flexibility

Your customers have provider preferences for their compute and storage infrastructure which continually evolves over time. Platina manages heterogeneous vendor environments, enabling high infrastructure re-use while ensuring deployment requirements (versions and dependencies) are met. 

Improve Deployment Performance

Deployment requires multiple steps to correctly prepare and configure compute, storage and networking spanning cross functional teams. One misstep and you must start from scratch. Platina’s cluster abstraction manages intra-cluster requirements, reducing delays incurred by coordination across customer IT. By enforcing policies, Platina can ensure dependencies, including compatibility, run-time and services are sufficiently met.

Simplify Post-installation Operations

Post on-prem installation, application and environment require lifecycle management. Along with the changing environment, operations like scaling, updates need to be supported. Platina automates inventory and asset discovery and continues to enforce policies across configuration files, software components, registry files, and other dependencies to ensure correctness.

Build. Innovate. Scale.

Active Archive

Platina’s cost-effective infrastructure orchestration and management solutions help organizations quickly access, retrieve, and unify active archive data from across multiple storage technologies for easier application management.

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Application & Content Acceleration

No longer replicate large amounts of expensive storage across multiple services. Content can be distributed using SD Storage, with Platina managing storage policies. Each block of your application scales independently and horizontally, resulting in an efficient pairing of resources.

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What is Your Infrastructure Challenge?

You’re ready to build, migrate, or execute on a strategic project that has taken months to creatively develop. Continue focusing on development - Platina will take care of the rest. We minimize the operational efforts and cost of managing clusters for you on modern infrastructure within your own private cloud environment.

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