Zero-Touch Deployment Anywhere

The Platina Command Center (PCC) is a single pane of glass for policy management, visibility and insight across all of your clustered pools of compute, storage, and networking resources. 


The PCC serves as the brain and central nervous system of a cluster, eliminating the complexity of deploying and managing clusters. It streamlines infrastructure provisioning and operation, and provides a single foundation for your private cloud operations.

Intelligent Orchestration

The PCC is declarative and uniform across all physical, virtual, and application infrastructure. It auto-discovers environment and infrastructure resources that are then automatically configured for easy application deployment and monitoring.


The PCC is a scalable, high-performance database management system (DBMS) that is available locally or cloud-hosted. A modular, self-consistent manager-of-managers architecture for streamlined distributed cluster management.

Automation from Bare Metal to Micro-Services

Bare Metal Cloud
Bare Metal Cloud
Automatic discovery, provisioning and deployment of the heterogeneous compute and storage of your choice without fear of vendor lock in. PCC enables horizontal, elastic scaling of delivery performance for single stop policy and config operations.
SD Storage as a Service
SD Storage as a Service
Platina incorporates distributed redundancy, error correction, and more to automate operations and deliver a robust storage platform that can be used across multiple storage technologies and applications that can be easily maintained.
Kubernetes as a Service
Kubernetes as a Service
Operating, scaling and integrating Kubernetes into an existing IT environment is challenging. Platina’s Kubernetes experts deliver the ongoing operations, tooling, and automation needed to help deploy, scale, and manage your growing number of containerized applications.

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